Your weekly horoscope forecast 13-19 November 2017

“If You stumble, make it part of the dance”


Hello my darling beings! This week has a lot going on; it’s equal parts opportunity, grand occurrences and odd power struggles. This week requires a kind of agility; don’t assume that one thing that occurs is the end of the story. This week it’s a glass half-full/half empty thing. Avoid the B.S. you’ll see it coming a mile away. The only thing that can haul you into any messiness is your unresolved issue around power. The way that you can win this week is to know that your dreams are valid, and to come from a place of spotless integrity.

Why is all this going down?

The Good:

Venus is conjunct Jupiter; what a glorious aspect of well wishes, fun and love.

Venus is trine Neptune, making love seem big, expansive and so beautiful .You can dream up the love you want with this aspect.

Mercury Sextile Mars makes it easy to think clearly, to express yourself with grace and ease. You can make forward motion with your gift of gab.

The Ugly:

Mercury Square Neptune: it’s rough trying to figure who is being honest. Stick to the basics, and take on a “just the facts ma’am” attitude

Mars Square Pluto: Power struggles! The heavens look like the thunder dome under this aspect. Take this aspect and don’t be a patsy…but this wisdom will put you in good stead “don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing”


ARIES SUN/RISING: This week will open up some amazing opportunities around money and prosperity. You have done the work…you have earned your bones. Stay focused and let the good times roll. Any lingering issues around how your express your desire for expansion and any kind of power struggles in your relationships will get healed by an attitude of indulgent affection. Be a lover, not a fighter this week.

TAURUS SUN/RISING: This week will give you clarity and a beautiful truth around your relationships and main partnerships. A huge collaboration or sweet shift is about to open up your life; don’t wimp out. Take the opportunities that are at your feet.  If you are tempted to look back at what was considered a disappointment or a wash with a gimlet eye, don’t. Instead take it as a gift; sometimes unanswered prayers are the best thing ever.

GEMINI SUN/RISING: This week will give you a sweet chance to grow your posse and your community. You are super ready for this, since you are in a better place in how to navigate your relationships and primary partnerships. You are in a phase where folks are in alignment with your bigger picture, and really want you to succeed. Those that cut their eyes at your plans or refuse to truly get what you are aiming for will be given a seat at the back of the bus.

CANCER SUN/RISING: This week can be such a pleasurable period for you. You have earned your joy. I’m not saying that everything is or will be perfect or all sunshine and rainbows, but if you focus on the awesome it can certainly be close to that. You are beginning to understand all the weirdness around work and career; you are learning that YOU make it happen. You are learning that you are in control. Isn’t that such a glorious truth to home in on?

LEO SUN/RISING: For the next 10 days you will be in real deal pressure crunch in regards to your need for answers. It’s like you have been caught in the dark with a dim flashlight…stumbling and stubbing your little toe and shins on the things from the past that you didn’t clean up. This week you will realize that you had the answers all along…you just had to get over your unwillingness to see that life is never black and white.

VIRGO SUN/RISING: Your creative powers these days are intense and strong. You deeply desire a chance to fully express yourself and to throw all the rules out of the window. While I like this attitude, you know that there is more to the story here. You are in a prime place for a rebirth; it’s not something that you can control…it’s just something that you should surrender to. It’ll be magnificent when you come out on the other end…and the process won’t be bad either.

LIBRA SUN/RISING: Something so satisfactory is coming to a close this week; expect a windfall in regards to finances; or perhaps be open to a brand new level of self-love and self-respect. It’s been a long time coming. Reinvent yourself. You are being asked to upgrade everything about yourself and your life. Life is often about timing; now is perfect for the transformation to begin. Know that the people in your life fully support you, and will help. All you have to do is ask.

SCORPIO SUN/RISING: This week is perfect for focusing on the way that you exist in the world at large. Know that you are still center stage, so it would behoove you to be more like Glenda that Elphaba. While neither was truly good or truly evil, life is often about perception. Be aware about how you are being perceived. It will speak volumes to how you are truly being, as opposed to how you think you are expressing yourself.

SAGITTARIUS SUN/RISING: It’s not a bad thing to think about the way change has eluded you at certain spots. The truth is that change has been occurring around you all this time. This week is that final push, where your spirit becomes truly aligned with your sense of expansion. Do your best to keep worthiness issues or a lack of understanding from your clan. It’s your mission, your journey and your quest. Never doubt it, and don’t ever give up.

CAPRICORN SUN/RISING: You know that this week is going to be fantastic for you in terms of having fun, making friends and enjoying your life. You deserve this time in your life! You have earned it. Allow your daily structure to be infused with promise, excitement and something a little off kilter. You are setting the stage for a year of abandon and joyful wildness. Don’t let the unfamiliar make you nervous; embrace it with a bear hug.

AQUARIUS SUN/RISING: No one really understands how you see the world, and this is something that you really dig. That being said, pay attention to how you are being respected, revered and adored by those that really need your brand of wisdom. Share that shit. Share your knowledge around money, growth and prosperity. Blow their minds…the supporters, the allies and the non-believers.

PISCES SUN/RISING: Keep an eye out for affirmations this week. Be wide open to intuition and lessons learned. Some you might not care for, and some might leave you so full of gratitude that it will leave you speechless. Know that this is the culmination of an energetic contract that you made long ago. The timing is finally right for the realizations that are coming your way.


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