What The Shape Of Your Finger Reveals About Your Personality

A Finger.

If you have an A finger, you tend to hide your feelings away. You act stronger and more independent than you really are and construct an image for people to have of you. You tend to be fair and don’t like liars. You can be emotional. You are generally very kind.

Your life is filled with laughter and you have a big heart, even if your outer shell is a little bit hard to crack. You can also be a little bit eccentric from time to time.

B Finger.

If you have a B finger, you’re not exactly confident in yourself. You have trouble approaching people, especially strangers. You fall in love easily and you are very loyal, giving the important people in your life your full attention.

Even though you aren’t terribly outgoing, tenacious is your middle name. Once you set your mind to something, you do it without fear of failure or being hurt.

C Finger.

If you have a C finger, you’re one of the world’s angels. You are emotionally touched rather easily and let go of things that make you angry without hesitation. Unfairness is met with a severe reaction from you and you can come off a bit overbearing.

You’re the ultimate softie. You just want to save the world and make sure everyone has a good time.

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