What Your Lover’s Zodiac Sign Revels About Them

Does being a Leo make your partner more dominant? Does your boyfriend’s passion comes from his Ares sign? See what makes your significant other tick based on their zodiac traits!


Aries tend to be adventurous and love taking risks that require courage and spontaneity. They can have a lot of energy and passion, which makes dating a ram thrilling and satisfying (wink, wink). But Aries also tend to be a little arrogant and stubborn, which can create rough patches in any relationship. If you’re dating an Aries, you can expect them to be a little disorganized, and be prepared to argue a lot–sometimes it feels like Aries love to pick fights. Dating an Aries will be passionate and vibrant, and challenge you to take more risks.


Taurus-born partners are always generous and dependable. They’re not only great partners, but they’re great friends, and you know that a Taurus will put friendship at the center of your relationship. They’re down-to-earth and patient, making them easy to talk to. But Tauruses also tend to be stubborn and self-indulgent, and they can be a little jealous and lazy. Make sure your Taurus is motivated and encouraged, and you’ll probably want to bring your A-game when it comes to gifts and presents–Tauruses can be a little materialistic, and their love language speaks in gifts.


Dating a Gemini is always exciting–they’re witty and have a good sense of humor, and they’re adjustable to your wants and needs. They’ll always make sure to communicate their ideas and concerns with you, and communication is at the core of a healthy relationship! But Geminis can also be inconsistent, they have trouble making decisions. This lack of decision making skills can mean that Geminis lack direction, get easily bored, and are pretty likely to have issues with anxiety. Be patient and try to encourage your Gemini to express themselves and pursue their talents. Try to go on adventuresome dates and try new things!


Cancers are super creative and love sharing their new ideas and trying new things. Cancers are also very giving lovers, and they’ll always be faithful. In a relationship, they need to communicate their emotions, and Cancers love showing affection and protecting their partners. But because they’re so emotional, Cancers can take things personally, and they can suffer from mood swings. Sometimes Cancers can become clingy and jealous if you don’t communicate that alone time doesn’t mean that you don’t love them!


Leos make great partners due to their kindness and energy. Leos tend to be straightforward and honest, and they’re secretly more optimistic than they’ll admit. They expect loyalty, but they’ll always extend that same faithfulness to you. Leos also love big families. Leos are definitely dominating in their relationships, however, and their headstrong nature can lead to stubbornness. Sometimes their pride can turn into arrogance, and they’re prone to jealousy. If you also have a dominating personality, prepare to have a few fights with your Leo lover. But Leos also firmly believe in make-up affection, which can make any fight steamy!


Virgos have an impressive attention to detail, and they’re lifelong learners. A Virgo partner means that you’ll always be able to rely on your partner, no matter what, and they’ll always give great advice. Virgos do tend to be perfectionists, though, which makes them overcritical and a little bit fussy. They can also be pretty blunt, and they tend to be very traditional. If you’re expecting a big change soon, like a new job or a move, expect your Virgo to have a lot of opinions and prepare to help them cope with change.


Libras are very romantic: their ruling planet is Venus, and they’re very charming. Libras are also tactful, which makes arguments with them constructive and helpful. Libras are great listeners, and they always play fair–two great qualities in a relationship! But Libras can be a little superficial, and their people-pleasing natures can get tiresome. You’ll have to make a lot of decisions in your relationship because Libras are infamously indecisive, but make sure that you communicate the thought process behind your decision and ask for input.


Scorpios are very focused and intuitive, which makes them great lovers and easy to live with. Scorpios value balance in their lives, and they’re often ambitious and demand a lot from life. If you’re dating a Scorpio, you know that they’ll always be faithful to you. Unfortunately, Scorpios can also be jealous, and it’s infamously hard to get a Scorpio to open up. Scorpios value their privacy, and they find it hard to trust. Scorpios can be a bit manipulative on their bad days, and they definitely know how to hold a grudge. Make sure you politely but firmly call out your Scorpio on their bad behaviors, and be patient at the start of your relationship. Getting a Scorpio comfortable enough to express themselves takes time.


Sagittariuses fixate on the idea of truth. They tend to be very straightforward and honest, and they’re very philosophical conversationalists. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, and they’re very generous. But Sagittariuses can also take things for granted, and their honesty can come across as tactless. Make sure that you’re patient with your Sagittarius, because they’re likely to get so invested in a project that they become impatient and frustrated. Don’t let their over confident nature fool you, either! Encourage your Sagittarius partner to discuss their anxieties and emotions to keep them from bottling them up.


Capricorns tend to be very mature, and they’re partners who will always be dependable throughout your lives together. They’re very practical and have big goals for themselves. Capricorns always give fantastic advice and live very disciplined lives. Always cautious and patient, it can take some work to get your Capricorn to bread out of their shell. They tend to be very shy, and they can have low self-image. So don’t expect your Capricorn to adjust immediately to new social situations. It might even take some work for them to warm up to your friends!


Aquariuses are famous for their friendliness and their focus on bettering the world. They have a lot of different interests, both creatively and intellectually, and they tend to be very independent. Loving an Aquarius means adventure and pushing yourself to be a better person. But Aquariuses are also pretty extreme–they give everything their all and are willing to die for a cause. At the same time, they’re so chill in their day-to-day life that they can seem detached or inconsistent. Understand that your Aquarius lover will be unpredictable, and that can be both exciting and infuriating. Be patient, and make sure that the two of you have plenty in common before becoming serious.


Pisces are imaginative above anything else, and they’re impossibly kind and compassionate. Empathy is important to Pisces, and they’re selfless lovers and partners. In a relationship, Pisces are very sensitive and affectionate, and it helps them to talk through what they’re feeling. But sometimes the idealism that makes Pisces so refreshing can make them perfectionists and over-sensitive. Pisces are also very reluctant to blame themselves in situations, and are much more likely to blame fate. Make sure you gently hold them accountable for their actions and remind them that good things sometimes occur with small steps.
Which sign is your significant lover? Any habits or swoon-worthy traits that you’ve noticed about them? Tell us in the comments below, and be sure to share this list with your friends!

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