What Element Rules Your Energy? Check Your Palms!

In Palm reading and Chinese palm reading the future is predicted by reading the hands. Some readers chose the dominant hand but according to me both the hands should be read and the characteristics of both should be compared.

In Palm reading, the hands are divided into four types. The different types of hands are described in detail as below.

Earth hands in Palm Reading:

Earth type hands are wide, with square-formed palms and fingers, thick or harsh skin and bronzed in appearance. The length of the palm is generally equivalent to the length of the fingers. Earth-gave individuals are down to earth and prudent individuals who learn by accomplishing an option that is as opposed to perusing about it. They completely cherish the outside and open air exercises like climbing or surfing. Notwithstanding taking strolls are the quickest approach to hit the re-charge catch on their souls.

Air hands In Palm Reading:

Air hands highlight square or rectangular palms with long fingers and distending knuckles. The length of the palm is normally equivalent to the length of the fingers, and they may have dry skin. Air sorts are scholars and communicators. They’re loaded with thoughts yet are inclined to stress and stress due to an inclination to intellectualize their feelings.

Water Hands In Palm Reading:

Water hands have a short, now and again oval palm with long, adaptable fingers. Their palm is generally more extensive than it is long, with fingers equivalent to the tallness of the palm. Individuals with water hands are extremely enthusiastic. They’re optimistic, aesthetic and normally wary, and their affectability can abandon them inclined to overindulgence in medications or liquor.

Fire Hands In Palm Reading:

Fire hands have a square or rectangular palm, flushed skin and shorter fingers. The length of the palm is more noteworthy than the length of the fingers. Fire hand sorts are enthusiastic, decided and progressing. They’re effortlessly exhausted and require assortment, and they can be somewhat anxious and narrow-minded. Individuals with flame hands are wildly autonomous, and they make extraordinary pioneers and enthusiastic darlings.

Article Source: chinesepalmlogic.com

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