Tourists In Bali Are Unknowingly Eating Dog Meat, Thinking It Is Chicken

Australian tourists in Bali are unknowingly eating dog meat while holidaying on the Indonesian island, it has been claimed.

Animals Australia recently carried out an investigation into ‘Bali’s hidden meat trade – and its disturbing connection to Australian tourism’.

Tourists in Bali are unknowingly eating dog meat thinking it is chicken satay sticks, it has been claimed

Animals Australia has carried out an undercover investigation into ‘Bali’s hidden meat trade’ with claims Australian tourists are unknowingly eating dog meat (stock image in Bali)

There are claims Australian tourists have been purchasing dog meat from Bali street food vendors which they believe to be chicken satay.

‘Tourists will walk down a street, they’ll see a street store selling satay but what they are not realising is the letters RW on the store mean it is dog meat being served,’ Animals Australia campaign director Lyn White told the ABC.

She also said: ‘Poisoned meat is entering the food chain’.

New South Wales Poisons Information Centre director Dr Andrew Dawson said eating poisoned dog meat can lead to symptoms such as shortness of breath and may also cause organ damage.

The investigation also looked at the disturbing connection to Australian tourism from Bali’s dog meat trade (stock image in Bali)

Animals Australia sent an undercover investigator to examine Bali’s dog trade.

Tourists were seen asking a vendor if he had chicken satay, not dog, to which he replied he did not have dog meat, although the same vendor had earlier been seen to say he had been selling ‘dog satay’ to an Animals Australia investigator.

The investigator, known only as Luke, said he was also asked to join key players in the local dog trade as ‘gangs stole, hunted, poisoned and killed dogs’.

Luke described what he saw as ‘brutal’ and heard dogs screaming and wailing as they were caught.

Horrifying video has also emerged showing dogs being shot in the street and dogs being placed into bags, before they are bound and bludgeoned to death.

In Bali, it is not illegal to eat dog meat, the ABC reported.


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