The Tasks Of A Modern Boyfriend

Looking at a century ago it was pretty clear what was the task of a man. The gender roles were set in stone and that was that. Until everything started to change…

Everyone has their own ideas about what makes someone the perfect partner, but writer Brandon Sheffield believes that some of the everyday tasks in a relationship have evolved quite a bit in recent years. The gender roles have changed and so have the tasks of a boyfriend nowadays.

Sheffield teamed up with writer and illustrator Dami Lee to collaborate on a comic series that shows some of the things men in 2016 do to be good boyfriends. The series, titled Modern Boyfriend Tasks, is a sweet reminder of some of the things men do for their partners without thinking twice.

“Over the years, the roles in heterosexual relationships have changed, and the idea of what a ‘man should do’ have changed, especially in big cities,” Sheffield told Huffington Post. “[The comics are] a reaction to the sorts of things I have seen done by more successful men in modern urban relationships, where ‘roles’ are more fluid and related to the needs of the other person than they are to a particular gender.”

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