The Selfish Reason You’re Dating Him, According To Your Zodiac Sign

When you’re in a relationship, you should be happy with them. Sure, you’re not going to be deliriously happy with them all the time, but you shouldn’t be with someone that you’re not happy to be with at least most of the time. Doing that is just a waste of your time and the other person’s…or is it? Well, yes it is, but you do get something out of being in a relationship selfishly. Unfortunately, the thing you’re getting out of the relationship isn’t something that should be considered altogether healthy. Deep down, you might be staying with that guy not because you think he’s “the one” but because he’s filling some selfish, unhealthy need of yours.

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to stay in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy. You might be staying with them because you like or need the attention, or just because you like having someone to talk to even if that someone isn’t someone you particularly like. You might even be staying in the relationship because you feed on the drama of things. You’re definitely not alone in this, but you should know that this isn’t really the best way to go about things. Here are the reasons you might be staying in your relationship, according to your zodiac sign. Make sure you check your moon sign and read to the end for an extra reason based on more advanced astrological principles!

Aries – You Want Someone Who Will Follow You Around Adoringly

Let’s face it, you’re a super headstrong person, but you also have a soft side. Acknowledging that soft side isn’t your favorite thing, but you kind of have to in order to better know yourself. You might find yourself in a dead-end relationship because you like the way he makes you feel. He might not worship the ground you walk on, which is a good thing because you don’t really need that in your life and would probably tire of that pretty quickly. However, what you do need is a little adoration. You know how awesome you are and you like being with someone who gets that, even if you aren’t happy with anything else in the relationship. You tend to equate that adoration with respect, so you’ll waffle about leaving someone who so clearly respects you as the boss you are.

Taurus – You’re At Least A Little Controlling

As a Taurus, you’re a wonderful human being who loves the simple things, but there’s a dark underbelly of your psyche that is always threatening to surface: you can be kind of controlling. You don’t do this because you’re a manipulative person or anything. You’re just really stubborn and you like knowing that you’re the master of your own fate. You might be staying in your dead relationship because your guy makes you feel empowered and lets you make a lot of the decisions. While staying in a relationship that makes you feel stifled or stagnant will most emphatically not be your favorite thing, you would rather deal with the devil you know as opposed to the devil you don’t. It’s a selfish reason to stay with someone, but it’s a reason you have deep down.

Gemini – You Need Someone To Be Listening To You… All The Time

As a Gemini, you’re one of the most social people in all of existence. Nobody knows how to have a conversation quite like you. However, this comes with an oft looked over problem: you’re so used to being the center of attention that you sometimes forget how to be alone. This is why you might end up in a relationship that you’re just not all that excited about. Sure, the spark just isn’t there, but at least he’s a good listener! You’re the kind of person that thrives around people, and being in a relationship gives you that validation, and depending on the kind of person you are, you might do anything to hang on to that. You might even be the person to sink your claws into friends who give you their attention if you’re particularly maladjusted because they’re at least listening to you.

Cancer – Who Else Are You Going To Take Your Emotions Out On?

As a Cancer, you’re one of the most emotional people alive. Seriously, everyone I know that happens to be a Cancer, regardless of gender, has turned out to be one of the most in tune with their emotions. This is by no means a bad thing: it’s honestly refreshing to be around a person who has no problem showing how they feel in a straightforward way. The problem with this comes if you’re not the most well-adjusted person: you might not use your emotions as a means of communicating your thoughts, but as a tool to bend an empathetic guy to your will. You might end up keeping a relationship alive long past its expiration date because you just don’t want to lose them. After all, they know you’re emotional, so they’d hesitate on leaving you, too.

Leo – You Want To Be The Biggest Light In Another Person’s Life

As a Leo, you’re a person who attracts a lot of attention. More importantly, you thrive on that attention: even the most introverted, anti-social Leo will have a flair for the dramatic. This is why you often end up dating guys who will allow you to indulge in your drama. This is not a bad thing either: it’s just a part of your personality and it’s one of the things that can make you a major light in someone’s life. That being said, that drive to be the light the world crowds around s also the thing that will keep you in a relationship you don’t want to be in. The guy you’re with might very well see you as close to perfect, and it’s hard for you to walk away from that.

Virgo – You Need Someone In Your Web Of Deception

As a Virgo, you’re a deeply task-oriented person who won’t do anything without a major goal in mind. You’re not manipulative per se, but you certainly have the potential to be, and you definitely have the potential to be good at it. If you’re the type to use those powers of deception and social manipulation for good (and you certainly can and many Virgos do), you might find yourself drawn to people who need fixing. Virgos need a project more than most and what better thing to fix than a person? If you’re a Virgo using their powers for evil, you might stay with a guy you don’t have much chemistry with because he’s fun to mess around with. He’s a different kind of project in that case, but a more destructive one.

Libra – You Want Someone In Your Life You Can Feel Better Than

As a Libra, you like to see yourself as balanced. More than most other signs, you’d be more likely to see yourself as above others. You’re represented by the scales, and this is true of your life: it’s really easy for you to get judgemental of others because you know you have your life together. If you know someone has their life more together than you, well then that’s your chance to do your best to surpass them. You might find yourself in a dead-end relationship because you know your guy is beneath you. Rather than cutting him loose to find someone more on your level, you might actually stay with him because you like the feeling of knowing that both of you know he’s beneath you since that could lead him to treat you better.

Scorpio – Someone Needs To Feed Off Your Drama

As a Scorpio, you’re not the most dramatic person in the zodiac, but you’re certainly up there. You’re intense and people feed off that energy. Unfortunately, your brand of intense energy tends to look a little like drama. You don’t seek out dramatic situations or anything, but dramatic people who cause negative drama often find you, mistaking your intense energy for negative energy. While you might not necessarily be a drama queen or causing lots of grief for other people, you are a person who might find yourself staying in a dead relationship because that person feeds into your energy perfectly. You might not need them to feed into your energy, but it feels good for them to.

Sagittarius – You Need Someone To String Along

As a Sagittarius, you’re kind of a rolling stone. You might not find yourself in too many long-term relationships, to begin with: you hate being tied down when you have so many things to do! However, just because you’re not in the place for a relationship yet doesn’t mean you don’t have admirers. You might find yourself in a less than desirable situation with one of those admirers because you like the feeling of being admired even if you don’t want to follow through. You might not love the whole act of stringing them along, but in your mind, they know exactly what they’re getting when they’re getting with you so it’s not like you have to feel bad when they get hurt. You get all of the perks of a relationship without any of the trappings of responsibility, so you always win.

Capricorn – You Want Someone Who’s Going To Fit Into Your Life Plan

As a Capricorn, you are all about ambition. It is my opinion that the first overlord to successfully take over the world will be a Capricorn. You are a person who will make it a point to get the job done, even if you have to make sacrifices to do it. If you’re going to even bother with a relationship at all, it’s going to be with a person who fits into your life plan. You might keep a relationship alive long past its time to die because you don’t want to lose a guy who’s perfect for you on paper. You’d be willing to work out whatever, even a lack of chemistry which is really hard to fix, so you can have the best of both worlds: a partner you love and who also compliments your goals. The problem is that if you’re not feeling the relationship, you’re not really winning anything.

Aquarius – You Need Someone You Can Feel Smarter Than

As an Aquarius, you’re probably the smartest, most forward-thinking people of the zodiac. I’m an Aquarius myself and I’m not just saying that because I am one. Aquarians are known for being really creative, but that also comes with a heaping serving of cold logic. We can be really warm people, but we often put our intellectual pursuits and more cerebral interests over people. Less well adjusted Aquarians might find themselves in a relationship with a guy we know isn’t as smart as us because we like how it feels to be smarter than them, even if we find them exhausting. This goes double if you’re dealing with a guy who thinks he’s smarter than you and you know that he isn’t. You might be willing to put up with an annoying guy for a while to indulge in your petty side a bit.

Pisces – Someone Needs To Be Constantly Catering To You, Right?

As a Pisces, you’re a dreamer, and that often leads people to underestimate you. People often see you as this person with their head always in the clouds, and the more you hear that the more likely you are to actually believe them. That being said, you’re not a person who would take this kind of thing lying down. No, you’d be the person to use the fact that people are underestimating you to your advantage, purposefully cultivating relationships that allow you to use other people’s assumptions to your own benefit. This is also why you might find yourself in a relationship you’re not too keen on: the guy might not be the right one for you, but he treats you like a queen and you know it.

Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) – You Want Someone Listening To Your Big Ideas, But Freak Out When You Need To Follow Through

Cardinal signs are the people who make energy and send it out into the world, so it makes sense that your relationships would be all about that. Regardless of who or what sign your partner is, you’re still a person with big ideas, but you might not always follow through. Even if you do, the idea of taking your big ideas and actually doing something about them can be a scary one. This might lead you to be a person who wants to be in a relationship and even fall in love, but not want to do the work in maintaining a relationship. This could be because you want to focus on yourself, or because you have too much on your plate, or just because you think that you can do better.

Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) – You Want To Leave, But You’re Stuck In Your Ways Due To Stubbornness

As a fixed sign, you maintain energy. You aren’t lazy or passive or anything, you’re just ridiculously stubborn and stuck in your ways. This might seem like a weird thing to say, but it’s true. The four fixed signs are stubborn about different things, but they’re stubborn all the same. This is what leads them to stay stuck in bad relationships. You want to make it work with them because you love them or because you want them in your life, so you will make it work, even if it kills you. You’ll stick with it even if you and your guy are just done with the relationship and each other, just because you’re stubborn. You’ve set your mind to staying together, and it would take a lot to get you off of that.

Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) – You Need Someone Supporting You All The Time Or Else You’ll Spiral Out Of Control

As a mutable sign, you change energy. You’re all about going with the flow, and that’s part of what makes you such a great person to be around. You’re not stuck in your ways at all: you’re very much guided by your emotions, which get you through any situation. The issue with that is that because you’re such an emotional person, you kind of need a lot of emotional support. That could lead to actually becoming dependent on that emotional support, to the point where you don’t feel like you can live without it without spiraling out of control. This is why you might end up staying with a guy you’re not really into. He’s just so supportive of you that whenever you decide to break it off, you remember how secure you feel with him and lose your nerve.

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