The 4 Zodiac Signs That Can Always See Through Other People’s Bullshit

Some Zodiac signs can be pretty oblivious when people are bullshitting them. You certainly can’t say that about these 4 signs though! 

Capricorns are probably the hardest Zodiac sign to fool. This is because Capricorns are highly suspicious by nature. You could very well be telling them the truth, but they still won’t believe you. They may say they do, but they probably don’t. It’s nothing against you, so try not to take it personally. It’s just that they don’t really trust most people in general. I guess you could consider it one of their defense mechanisms.

Anything you could possibly say or do to them, has probably already been anticipated long in advance. This manner of thinking is often both a blessing and a curse to a Capricorn. That’s because sometimes it prevents problems, while other times it creates them, as some may see Capricorn as untrusting or paranoid. 

If you think you’ve fooled a Taurus, guess again. They have a keen sense for detecting other people’s bullshit, which shouldn’t be too surprising considering the true nature of this zodiac sign. Maybe it’s because most Taurus’s are highly empathic, or perhaps it’s just because they understand people so well. They are naturals at sensing when something is wrong or out of place, and they can quite easily sense when someone is lying to them.

This is also something that royally pisses them off. They absolutely hate when people lie right to their face. They are probably the most likely sign to call you out on your bullshit, right then and there. They have no qualms about calling a spade a spade, or a liar a liar. 

Ever heard the phrase, ‘don’t bullshit a bullshitter?’ Well, that phrase pretty much personifies a Gemini. People of this astrological sign are so skilful at spinning yarns that it is almost impossible to determine if they are speaking the truth or pulling the wool over your eyes. They are such good bullshitters, they have a naturally tuned radar for other people’s bullshit too. 

Because Geminis are charming, chatty, gracious and likable, it is extremely easy be taken in by the powerful and highly flattering words flowing out of their lips, and they know it too. They won’t hesitate to say what you want to hear. This is also why they are a lot less likely to call you out on your bullshit once they’ve smelled it. After all, they want you to like them, and calling people out is not how they make that happen.

Of all the signs you should never lie to, always consider Scorpio to be at the very top of the list. They value trust and honesty above pretty much everything else. And they will trust you completely.. Until they catch you lying to them. And they will. They can ALWAYS catch a liar in the act. How do they do it? I don’t know. I’m not so sure I want to know either..

Regardless, they are damn good at catching people out. And be forewarned.. They won’t always call people out on it right away either. Sure, they could just end the friendship and not tell you why, but it’s a lot more interesting for a Scorpio to become a secret Frenemy instead. Revenge is sweeter that way.

Written by The Earth Tribe

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