Russia Reveals Another Continent Under The Antarctic Ice

Ground-penetrating radar has discovered another continent under the Antarctic ice. Is this the fallen angelic civilization that has captured the interest of world leaders, and particularly the Vatican? There’s a ban on Antarctica, now see why.

Nearly 10 percent of our planet’s land area sits locked under glacial ice. Beneath that ice hides rivers, lakes, canyons, volcanoes, and even mile-high mountain ranges that human eyes have never seen. In addition to that, all of the floating ice shelves (such as that where the fish and amphipods were discovered) cover a combined area of ocean twice the size of France. Of all this, cameras have only captured an area equivalent to a basketball court or two. Virtually nothing is known about what’s under the ice. There’s definitely going to be more surprises.

The ancients believed in monsters of the deep, serpents hiding under the waves, threatening to capsize the heavy crawling ships of men. Today there is no ocean or lake that has not been probed and found wanting for sea monsters. Except for the freshwater lakes buried beneath the ice of Antarctica.

There is a hidden continent under the ice cap of Antarctica. Ground penetrating radar established the existence of hundreds of lakes on this continent. Because of pressure exerted by the ice, these lakes are not frozen. They are liquid, containing fresh water that has been isolated for at least 15 million years.

Source: mysterious earth

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