The Most Passionate And Powerful Zodiac Couples


People usually check out their horoscope in the daily newspaper through their zodiac signs. Most of the people have great belief in astrology and explores different newspapers so as to find out their horoscope. During marriage, the astrologers will look out at their horoscope and whether it matches each other or not. If it matches well then, the couple will live happily all through the life without any kind of disputes. There are some indications that you are consistent based on your zodiac sign. Here is everything you need to know about zodiac pairs and powerful pairs from the list provided below. Have a glimpse!

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  1. Aries-Libra

The Zodiac sign Aries will have immense leadership qualities and are offensive sometimes. Due to their attitude, they will fell into troubles. The people having Aries as a zodiac sign are truly passionate and look out the same in their partner. Libra can make deep relationship with Aries. Taurus doesn’t suit Aries as it is a worst sign for Aries.

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  1. Taurus-Virgo

For the Taurus people, making love is quite significant than the actual basic mechanisms. Taurus requires having large romantic gestures. They can have compatible relationship with Virgo people. They can make great sexual relationship with Virgo as the Virgo has the ability to understand the choice of their sensuality regarding sex. Sagittarius is not suitable for Taurus and they must stay away from them.

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  1. Gemini-Sagittarius

Gemini usually speaks to others about anything and always remain funny and jovial with others. The volatile nature of Gemini makes it tough for the people to have a consistent relationship. Gemini couldn’t stay longer in the relationship. Sagittarius people always have an eye on the people with Gemini zodiac sign.

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  1. Cancer-Taurus

The people with the Zodiac sign Cancer are quite sympathetic, kind and generous. One of the excellent features in Cancer is their understanding power. Sometimes, it becomes their greatest weakness for Cancer. Usually, Cancers will take the words of other people in a serious manner. They will hurt so easily even for a disrespectful word. Taurus and Cancer could make the best match.

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  1. Leo-Aries

Leo is kind of people who always become the centre of attraction in a group. Leo often seeks to live in a luxurious manner. The Leo people will perfectly match with the Aries people. Despite having offensive arguments between each other, they will show the best gestures of love.

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6. Virgo-Scorpio

The most orderly of all the signs of the zodiac, Virgos are happiest when everything is fitted into place and they have completed everything on their to-do list. Virgos apply this same desire for perfection to their love life, often with failed results. They tend to be overly critical of their partner’s flaws and be impatient with their efforts to improve. Once a Virgo is in a steady relationship however, they will always place it at the top of their (color coded and bullet pointed) priority list. Incorrectly perceived by many to be virginal and chaste, Virgos can be extremely attentive partners. They tend to place greater importance on intimacy and go to great lengths to create a romantic atmosphere. The intense emotional connection Scorpios need matches perfectly with the Virgos’ own desire for the same. The ordered Virgo will keep the fast-paced Scorpion in check, while the overt sexuality of Scorpio will help draw out a reserved Virgo. Virgos usually turn their noses up to Sagittarius however, whom they find to be too flighty and not intellectual enough for them.

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7. Libra-Gemini

Libras are usually the first to step into a conflict and help all parties reach a solution. They are well known for their tact and excel in areas which require diplomacy. They are usually great to go on dates with because their curiosity to know everything about the people around them will make you seem interesting to them. Librans usually actively seek out relationships because they were never meant to be solitary creatures. A lonely Libra can sink into lethargy and boredom unless someone comes along to keep them company. They place intellect far above passion and will rarely be motivated to seek a relationship just for the physicality of it. Libras and Gemini are a match made in astrological heaven. They are both excellent conversationalists and stimulate each other mentally. The stable Libra also helps flighty Geminis to land back on the ground again and face reality. Libras will rarely ever match with a Virgo though. They find Virgos to be too unimaginative and frankly, boring.

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8. Scorpio-Pisces

A Scorpio might seem tough and callous on the outside, but don’t let their exterior fool you. Inside, most Scorpions are sensitive, craving for love and attention. ‘Intense’ is the word most commonly associated with Scorpios and with good reason. When a Scorpio gets an idea in their head, they usually focus solely on it, completely oblivious to everything around them. They’re also the most revengeful of all the signs. Your Scorpio friend will probably still remember that day in second grade you broke their pencil and continues to think of ways to get back at you. Scorpios are virtually the embodiment of sex. They’re extremely lustful, passionate creatures who can be quite aggressive in bed. Scorpio and Pisces, the two most emotional signs of the zodiac, are also perfect matches for each other. They understand each other intuitively and their relationship is based on a shared understanding of each other’s needs. They try to stay away from Aries though, whom they find too tiring and superficial.


9. Sagittarius-Aquarius

There’s nothing a Sagittarius dislikes than staying in one place for too long. The wanderlust within a Sagittarius’ soul propels them to travel to new places and constantly search for new things to do. They usually adapt to new environments and cultures very easily and rarely feel homesick. In relationships, a Sagittarius is only willing to commit to a partner who gives them all their freedom and doesn’t make too many demands on their time. There’s nothing a Sagittarius fears more than boredom, so for them to fall in love with you, you need to be the most engaging person in the room. They also get bored of routine very easily, so you will constantly have to find new ways to spend your dates and new moves to show off in bed. Aquarius identifies with their need to keep moving and will never desire to tie them down. They are both equally adventurous and open-minded, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in their relationship. A grounded, home-centric Taurus however, is the last person Sagittarius will ever want to be with.


10. Capricorn-Virgo

Capricorns usually know early on what their goals in life are and spend the rest of their time working toward it. They rarely ever miss out on their ambitions as they have all the skills and hard work required to attain them. They might initially seem aloof, but that’s only because Capricorns are too scared to get hurt. Once they let down their walls and forge a connection with someone, they put in all the work required to ensure that the relationship succeeds. Capricorn places sexual intimacy almost on the same level as an emotional connection. They find it impossible to sacrifice one for the other, and so demand both in a relationship. They work very well with Virgos who are just as focused and orderly as they are. They might even meet in a stationery shop, stocking up on day planners. Capricorns however, can never get along with a Gemini. Try as they might, they can never understand Gemini’s carefree, impulsive attitude.

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11. Aquarius-Libra

Your activist friend who is always standing up for a cause and voicing their opinion on injustices is probably an Aquarius. Aquarians are highly intelligent and are keenly aware of inequalities in the world. They’re more observant of injustice than most and will do everything in their power to right a wrong. This attitude of theirs causes many to think of them as idealistic, but to an Aquarius, there’s nothing more important than justice in the world. Their responsive attitudes also make them adventurous and enthusiastic bedfellows, and they’re always keen to give back as much as they get. The justice-loving Aquarius matches perfectly with Libra’s own desire for equality. Libras will never dismiss their ideas and will always help them draw placards to join in a protest. Cancerians though, will never be able to gel well with Aquarius. Cancer will never understand why Aquarius cares more about children in underdeveloped countries than their own needs.

12. Pisces-Capricorn

One of the most creative signs of the zodiac, Pisces is extremely talented, artistic and spontaneous. They usually have an unwavering belief that they can achieve their dreams and they will never get lost in the competitiveness of the rat race. This strong faith that Pisceans have can also be their downfall. When things don’t work out as expected, they feel like the ground under them has shifted and they lose all hope. Their soulful, creative side is also on full display in the bedroom, with Pisceans game for almost anything their partner wants to try out. While on the face of it, the dreamy Pisces and focused Capricorns can seem poles apart, in this particular case, opposites attract. Both appreciate each other’s goals and most importantly, Capricorn can pull Pisces back up when they feel dejected. The usually messy, disorganized Pisces, will usually find it hardest to live with a Virgo as the Virgo absolutely detests anything being out of place.

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