How to Tell If He’s Ready To Settle Down With You, According To His Zodiac Sign

Traditionally speaking, the guy is the one who gets down on one knee and asks you to make him super happy and marry him. We are all for traditions being broken and challenged, and there is definitely something admirable about a gal who’s brave enough to do the proposing. But for those ladies who appreciate tradition, and who are waiting for a certain question to be popped, the anticipation can be a nightmare! You’re seeing all your friends get engaged, you know you want to be with him and you’re just wondering what the holdup is? When is he going to freaking ask you to marry him? Each guy is different, but your partner’s zodiac sign will give you at least an idea of when he might do it. When a person was born can tell you lots about them, and the sign of your man not only tells you what his good and bad qualities are, but also opens his mind to you. Using that information, it’s totally possible to make an informed guess as to when he’s thinking about bending that knee!

12. Aries: Sooner Rather Than Later

If you’re in a relationship with the Ram, otherwise known as an Aries fella, and you want to get married ASAP, you’re in luck. The stars indicate that an Aries man will propose sooner rather than later. In fact, he’s likely to do it as soon as he knows that you’re the one! Why is this? Aries men are unmatched in their masculinity—they like to take charge of situations, and go after what they want. Being a fire sign, they can tend to be a little irrational, so when ideas pop into his head, he goes with them. Seeing as Aries is usually strong and hardworking, he’s likely to be financially independent and in a solid position to get married and start a family well before other men his age are, which is another reason why he’s likely to propose before you’re even expecting him to. The Ram can also sometimes be a tad overprotective, meaning he probably wants to put a ring on it pretty quickly, so the world knows that you’re his wife. Some women will like that and some won’t, but if you’re with an Aries, you better start accepting it!

11. Taurus: Don’t Hold Your Breath

If you’ve been dating a Taurus for a while, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. They’re not exactly the fastest sign in the zodiac, are they? Mentally, they’re sharp and switched on, but they take ages to do everything. And of course, proposing marriage falls under the category of everything. In most cases, you’re going to be with a Taurus man for quite a while before he even thinks about asking you for your hand. For starters, being the Bull, Taurus is stubborn and set in his ways. There’s no point in you trying to convince him that you want to get married before he’s ready, because he’s not a huge fan of change, and he doesn’t like to see other people’s points of view before his time. He loves your current life together, and might even fear that getting married will mess things up. So don’t take his taking his sweet time as a sign that he’s not interested—he totally is! Taurus is also very patient and expects you to be patient with him in return. So the bottom line is to slow down and get comfortable because it’s going to be a while!

10. Gemini: When Everyone Else Is Doing It

Gemini is known for having two distinct sides to his personality. No matter which side of the bed he woke up on, one thing a Gemini can always be counted on to be is a social butterfly. He likes to keep up with everyone else and stay on top of the social ladder, which means that he’ll propose when everyone else is doing it. He doesn’t like to be left behind when other people are moving on with their lives, and though he is passionate and enthusiastic, he doesn’t like to do anything that’s wildly different from the crowd. So this is good news if you have a group of friends who are all tying the knot, and not-so-good news if he’s friends with a bunch of guys who aren’t anywhere near ready to settle down. The thing to remember about a Gemini is that he loves change, and even after you’re eventually married, he will need constant change in his life. He craves spontaneity, and you’ll have to make an effort to spice things up every once in a while! Considering that, he might just propose to you when you least expect it.

9. Cancer: When He’s Ready

Cancer men are sweet and really one of a kind! They’re one of the most emotional in the zodiac and will want to develop a connection with you that you won’t find with other guys. Even though Cancers are very emotional, they don’t like to open up and become vulnerable until they’re ready. He won’t want to marry you until he can be his true self in front of you, so the answer to when he’ll propose is as soon as he’s comfortable enough. This might be much sooner than you think, depending on your man. Although Cancer does take a while to get real about his feelings (and trust us—he’s got ‘em!), he does secretly crave the family life. He isn’t at all about partying with the boys and staying forever young, but actually thrives on stability and caring for someone else. When you do eventually marry a Cancer, you’ll see that he makes the ultimate dad and husband! So if it takes him a while to open up, who cares? He’s worth the wait.

8. Leo: Whenever He Feels Like It

Ah, Leo. The star of the zodiac. Another fire sign, Leo is intense and passionate, and you’re probably not going to like the answer to when he’s going to ask you to marry him! Basically, he’s going to do it whenever he feels like it. If you’re going to settle down with a Leo, the first thing to learn is that nobody makes him do anything. He’s his own person, he has his own personality (and it’s a hell of a personality!), and he does things when he wants. That might be soon, and it might not be. Although they have a reputation for being loud and in-your-face, a Leo also cares deeply about you, is very generous, and very protective. Because he feels so much love for you, and might even become infatuated, the proposal could come sooner than you’re expecting. And when it does, be ready for the mother of all proposals. Forget bending the knee—your Leo man is going to have fireworks, champagne, and possibly a horse and carriage to carry you off. He doesn’t do things in halves.

7. Virgo: Once You’ve Spoken About It

Something tells us that if you’ve been in a relationship with a Virgo guy for a long time, you already know the answer to this! While a Virgo does have a naughty side that only you know about, he’s mostly very reasonable and very thorough. If you want a spontaneous proposal that’s going to sweep you off your feet, maybe see Leo or Aries. The bottom, boring line is that Virgo will propose after you’ve discussed it. He’s not one for doing things that he hasn’t thought about intensely. Before he asks, he will make a hundred evaluations, consider all the pros and cons over and over again, and discuss it with you, down to the last detail. He just prefers a realistic, no-BS approach. This doesn’t seem romantic, but the upside is that you’ll rarely get two years into a marriage with a Virgo man and realized that you’ve made a mistake. The beauty of this sign is that everything is planned to perfection, and although that seems tedious, there are no mistakes. What you see is what you get.

6. Libra: After He Lists The Pros And Cons

Libra is kind of similar to Virgo in that he likes to evaluate the pros and cons. The difference is that while Virgo thrives on ticking off lists and making decisions, Libra is a lot more indecisive while he tries to weigh everything up. Libra will propose once he’s considered the pros and cons, but because he’s a Libra, that is going to take a long time. He takes long enough to make simple decisions like what he’s going to order at a restaurant, so it should come as no surprise that he’s going to spend a while deciding whether he’s ready to be married! That’s not to say that he’s trying to decide about you as a person, just the idea of marriage in general. Since his sign is represented by the Scale, he just wants to consider every side until he comes to the right conclusion. Libra is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, though, so when he does propose, you can expect something very breathtaking. He probably will decide that marriage is what he wants eventually, as by nature he’s quite traditional.

5. Scorpio: In The Heat Of The Moment

Scorpio fellas give Leo a run for his money when it comes to being intense. These guys are the masters of deep conversation, personal questions, going places that are uncomfortable and dark, and pursuing the truth relentlessly. Scorpio is the opposite of chill, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you settle down with him! If he’s true to his sign, a Scorpio will propose in the heat of the moment, when he feels the urge to do so. He is incredibly passionate, and although he’s a deep thinker, he’s not one for taking a step back and thinking things through carefully before he commits to them. He won’t have planned it when it does happen. You’ll say something that captures his heart and makes him realize you’re the one, and he’ll ask you to marry him in response like he’d ask you to pass the salt. And he also won’t get it when you tell him that you’re overwhelmed because Scorpio doesn’t get overwhelmed. Nothing is too much for him.

4. Sagittarius: ASAP

If your lifelong dream is to marry your partner, and you can’t possibly wait another second, then you’re in luck if he’s a Sagittarius! Owing to his impatience and his rush to live his life, it’s typical for a Sagittarius to propose much sooner than other signs. In fact, often the partner of a Sagittarius is the one wishing things would slow down a touch! Sagittarius isn’t good at waiting, and his zest for life and thriving positivity will make him want to marry you as soon as he can. You know how you hear of celebrities getting engaged after a ridiculously short time together, and you don’t understand how they can do it? Trust us—Sagittarius understands. This sign’s answer for everything is why wait? The good news is that although he’s impatient, a Sagittarius man only gets into a serious relationship with someone whom he can see himself settling down with. He sees everything as relating to the overall picture, so he might ask you after a short time, but he’ll still be sure you’re the one!

3. Capricorn: Work First, Marriage Later

Capricorn is known to be the most determined of the signs. This man sees something he wants, and he chases it. While this can apply to his love life, it mostly applies to his career. By nature, Capricorn is extremely career-orientated, which means that he’ll propose to you when his work life is sorted out. Once he’s in the position he wants to be in at work, whether that’s company owner, published writer, practicing lawyer or manager, he wants to take care of that before he takes care of his love life. He doesn’t want to build up a marriage while he’s building up a career because he can only give 100% of his attention to one thing at a time. So if you’re dating a Capricorn, you may be in for a bit of a wait! But on the bright side, Capricorns are usually very successful because of how dedicated and persistent they are. This is a great partner if you want someone who inspires you to be better all the time and challenges you to improve with him.

2. Aquarius: You Gotta Make The Move

If you’re dating an Aquarius, you’ll know by now about all his good points: he’s caring, a great communicator, and very social. You’ll also have noted that although he’s got lots of redeemable qualities, your Aquarius man can be a little bit inconsistent. He’ll tell you one day how much he loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you, and the next he’ll hint that he needs a break. Annoying! Aquarius men are hard to hold down, so if you want one for life, you have to be prepared to make the first move. Yes, ladies: if you’re waiting for an Aquarius to pop the question, you’re better off going ahead and doing it yourself! It isn’t that he doesn’t love you enough to want to marry you, and once the idea is set in motion, he’ll be on board if your relationship is ready. Just don’t expect him to bring the idea up because he tends to get carried away with feelings of uncertainty from time to time. An original thinker, he’ll also admire you for changing things up and doing the asking!

1. Pisces: When He’s Inspired

Pisces is known as the creative and artistic sign of the zodiac. Pisces partners are very passionate, natural lovers, and are extremely devoted and loyal. It’s not a bad thing at all, to find yourself in love with a Pisces! When it comes to popping the question, it’s very simple (as all things involving Pisces usually are!): he will ask when he feels inspired to. Pisces is famous for conjuring images in his head and then miraculously bringing them to life, and that’s the way many of his life decisions pan out, including this one. He’s very likely to get carried away once the passion within him is ignited by some outside factor, whether it’s music, art, literature or even you in a striking red dress. And when he’s feeling inspired, he’ll follow his heart and ask away. A Pisces guy doesn’t mind dabbling in a little bit of fantasy and loves to spend hours dreaming. It’s safe to say that the proposal (and the wedding itself!) will be like something straight out of a dream.

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