How He Is Both A Good And Bad Boyfriend, Based On His Sign

Let’s just face it: nobody is perfect. Not our boyfriends, not our friends, not even ourselves. Everyone has dual qualities to their personality that makes them both good and bad from an objective standpoint. Once we become intimately involved in someone, our emotions are heightened and all of the sudden, we start to see the depths of their being and who they really are. In a new relationship, we are on our honeymoon period and this guy is like a gift from God who can do no wrong. Once those surges of hormones and feelings of lust start to wane, it is then when you start to see your guy for the flawed human being that he is.

Think of each sign as a yin-yang symbol. The positive cannot exist without the negative. The good times cannot be recognized unless there are some bad times to make you grateful for them. Just be aware that you should recognize the difference between a guy being imperfect and abusive or otherwise unacceptable behavior. If he is crossing the line between being someone who makes mistakes to someone who consistently lets you down or makes your life miserable, then it is time to cut your loses and move on. Here is how all of the signs can be both a good boyfriend and a bad boyfriend.

Good Boyfriend Aries: The Brave, Valiant Hero

An Aries man will sweep you off your feet and you will not even know what hit you. Aries is the most masculine sign and he loves to take charge and make you feel like a woman in every sense of the word. When you get into a romance with an Aries man and you are the lucky lady to become his girlfriend, he will be the most protective boyfriend because he wants you to see him as the hero in your life. Aries men are casual and flirtatious when they are single but when they are in a relationship, they like to put their women up on a pedestal. Aries as a boyfriend will keep you on your toes because they have a crazy streak and seek out new adventures.

Bad Boyfriend Aries: The Ruthless Bully

Aries men in all of their relationships whether it be romantic, friendships or family have offended everyone horribly at least once in their life. Verbally, they can speak out of turn and cross personal boundaries without realizing it. Your Aries boyfriend may have been that kid that teased other kids and bullied them when he was younger. These guys can be straight up thugs and are quick to get aggressive on anyone who they see as getting in their way. As a boyfriend, he will be no exception. He will think that he is telling you like it is but in reality, he can be mildly verbally abusive if you fail to put him in his place. It takes a girl with a strong backbone to be able to handle an Aries because he likes to put all of his cards on the table. Aries guys have an IDGAF attitude if you call them out on their BS.

Good Boyfriend Taurus: The Dependable, Johnny On The Spot

Taurus boyfriends are low key when it comes to their romantic relationships. They would rather have a Netflix and Chill night rather than go out hard. You will have a strong sense of security whenever you spend time with them because they keep it pretty cushy for you once they are comfortable in the relationship. Taurus as a boyfriend will be your rock and the one that you can count on whenever you get a flat tire, have a horrendous day at work or just need someone to vent to. Since Taurus men are so grounded, he will give you sound advice that you will kick yourself for not taking. These boyfriends are always going to be in your corner and you need not worry because chances are, they aren’t going anywhere.

Bad Boyfriend Taurus: The Stubborn Pain In The Butt

A Taurus man as a boyfriend can be a straight up drag for anyone that likes to go out and be adventurous. He will engage in social activities that involve his inner circle, but when it comes to yours? He won’t be having any of it, he would rather sit on the couch. Taurus men are notorious for being lazy and the most stubborn sign out of all the zodiac. They can be the absolute worst when it comes to compromise and any attempt to get them to meet you halfway will fall on deaf ears. Best of luck getting them to do something that they do not want to do. A Taurus man has a big list of dislikes and activities that he simply will not engage in because it doesn’t fit his idea of convenience.

Good Boyfriend Gemini: The Stimulating Listener

When you met your Gemini boyfriend, chances are that you met him at a party or some other social event. These guys are the social butterflies of the zodiac and thrive on conversation and mental stimulation. Whenever you have a long conversation with your Gemini boyfriend, you will feel refreshed because he gave you a new perspective without judging your own opinion (nor did he try to change it). Road trips alone with a Gemini boyfriend are always the most exciting and there will never be any awkward silences. In fact, you will almost wish that you will never arrive at your destination because you will be enjoying each other’s company by just talking to each other. He will be full of surprises so get ready for some exciting times ahead.

Bad Boyfriend Gemini: The Pathological Liar

Gemini men are unpredictable and kind of suck at time management so they aren’t always the first person that you can depend on. Talking to a Gemini boyfriend is like talking to three different people at the same time. Think of someone channel surfing endlessly through every station that you could possibly imagine. That is often what it’s like to be talking to a Gemini. If he is doing something that he shouldn’t be doing, he will find a way to change the subject ever so rapidly or just twist around the facts and truth to make it his own version. Since these dudes are ruled by Mercury, they have a way with words and can communicate in a way that works best in their favor.

Good Boyfriend Cancer: The Unbreakable Support System

When your Cancer boyfriend demonstrates that he is truly in love with you, he will want to hear all about your day no matter how boring it was. You will want to bury yourself in his big arms and never let yourself go from his embrace. Cancer men can carry the warmest energy and their genuine concern for you will be what you need to get through any tough times. They have a solid idea in their mind of what it takes to be the best partner they can be for you and they will never break that mold. Once you see the Cancer man’s emotional side, he will be one of the most sweet and compassionate boyfriends you will ever have. It takes a special kind of girl to win those affections.

Bad Boyfriend Cancer: The Guilt-Tripping Crybaby

As much as the sensitivity of the Cancer boyfriend can work to your need for emotional support, it can also work to your dismay. When a Cancer man falls in love, all of his deep-rooted insecurities will immediately surface. His number one fear will be losing you and anything that he perceives as an external threat to the relationship will not be taken lightly. Be prepared for passive aggressive comments and frustration. Sometimes you will ask him, “what’s wrong?”, to which he will reply “nothing.” The next thing you know, he will be pouting and brooding the entire day leaving you to wonder what you did wrong. In reality, you did nothing wrong. Something just didn’t go his way and he doesn’t want to be direct about it.

Good Boyfriend Leo: The Encouraging Cheerleader

Leo men are the types of boyfriends that will give you those cuddly feelings of butterflies in your stomach. There will never be a time where he isn’t trying to lift you up and inspire you to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. Your Leo boyfriend will never be negative because they are perpetually wired to look at everything optimistically. The glass will always be half full and the sun will always rise the next day. His cheerful demeanor will make it his mission to keep you laughing, and comfortably in a good mood whenever you are around him. Since Leo men hold themselves in high regards, they will hold their women as high priorities in their life. You will always feel better about yourself after spending time with him.

Bad Boyfriend Leo: The Egotistical Narcissist

Just as much as Leo men love to give praise, they equally love receiving it. In fact, if you don’t manage to stroke the ego of your Leo boyfriend, he is likely to find someone else who can. Their adorable charm and charisma will make it easy for them to find it too. The dark side of Leo men as boyfriends is that they can be full of themselves with no regard for your feelings. For example: if the relationship is not official, they are the types to brag about other girls they might be interested in or flirt with other girls right in front of your face. It is not because they are trying to hurt you, but because they are trying to validate their own ego. Make sure your Leo boyfriend has reached a certain point of maturity.

Good Boyfriend Virgo: The Self-Sacrificing Contributor

Your Virgo boyfriend will be a practical lover who just wants to make your life easier by making your everyday routine flow more seamlessly. When things get tough, he will be the first one who is willing to make the sacrifice so that you don’t have to. Though Virgo men are not known for being the most outwardly romantic, they are known for showing the utmost dedication to their partner without any hesitation. What he is essentially looking for is someone is someone to take care of who will also take care of him. He has a strict moral compass and if you value what he values, he will be in it for the long haul and will not give up as easily as some other signs will.

Bad Boyfriend Virgo: The Self-Serving Douche

When you get into a relationship with a Virgo boyfriend, you might find that he is always second-guessing in the back of his head. When a Virgo man falls in love, he is constantly asking himself, “is this for real this time?” These types can be difficult to deal with since they will try to act like they don’t need you, but then wonder why you are not waiting around for them. Since they can be superficial when it comes to choosing a partner, they have a specific criteria that the girl needs to match. If she doesn’t, then they will see no need to invest their time and energy into her. A Virgo boyfriend will put his needs before yours if he is not convinced that you are the one.

Good Boyfriend Libra: The Dashing Gentleman

You will recognize a Libra man by that mega watt smile and that inviting look in his eye that says, “come on over and chat.” When a Libra boyfriend decides that he wants to be in a relationship (and they take their time to decide), he sees you as the person he is going to marry. If he is fixated on you, then he will shower you will affection and attention. A Libra boyfriend is focused on his partner’s pleasure, and loves to be creative when it comes to courting his women. He is willing to put in the honest effort to make the relationship last a lifetime, even if it doesn’t. A Libra man is an idealist and sees his girlfriend for how beautiful she really is.

Bad Boyfriend Libra: The Master Manipulator

Libra guys are smooth operators and know how to use words in a way to appeal to women. They know exactly what you want to hear and have no problem giving it to you even if it is all just BS. Since he is of the element of air, he can easily detach himself from all the sentiments that he knows he is stirring up inside your head. If you haven’t heard from your Libra boyfriend in awhile, chances are that he is starting a new fling with a new girl and you better watch out before you get replaced. His need for harmony and balance can lead him to search for multiple partners. If you are not rocking his world, he will seek out someone who will.

Good Boyfriend Scorpio: The Ride Or Die Dude

When your Scorpio boyfriend falls in love with you, you will either feel adored and enchanted or smothered and overwhelmed. These types are insanely intense to the point where you are tempted to ask them to take a chill pill. However, if you are looking for that storybook romance that you only see on the covers of romance novels, then look no further than the Scorpio man. On the flip side, he will know if you are “the one” within the first conversation you have with him. He will know how to read your mind and take you on a ride that you have never experienced before. His emotions are deep and when it comes to commitment, it is all or nothing with this guy. Whether you decide to take it or leave it, you will never forget the time you shared with this dude.

Bad Boyfriend Scorpio: The Callous Control Freak

The sign of the Scorpio man is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. Mars is the planet of aggression and primal energy where Pluto is the planet of control and the unknown. You will find your Scorpio boyfriend to be mysterious and sexy, but once he has you curled around his finger, there is no going back. There will be times where you find yourself making sacrifices that you don’t necessarily want to make in order to appease him. The worst kind of Scorpio is the kind that does not know how to keep his emotions in check and how to exercise self-control. He needs to concentrate on being creative rather than destructive. If he can’t do that, then you might feel like a prisoner locked away in his prison.

Good Boyfriend Sagittarius: The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Sagittarian men are quick to fall in love because they are ruled by the planet of Jupiter which allows them to be conquerors of hearts all over the world (cue in the Chris Brown music). You Sagittarius boyfriend is a guy that loves surprises and spontaneity. He will be the type to surprise you with two tickets to Bali under the guise of just going home for a nice family weekend. He is fun-loving and always knows of events going on and things to do wherever you are. It will be hard to win the heart of a Sagittarius since he loves to explore different types of women as much as he loves to explore the world. Once you have him locked down, he will be one of the best boyfriends you could ever ask for.

Bad Boyfriend Sagittarius: The No Call No Show

Since Sagittarian men value their freedom above all, they can be fickle when it comes to who they choose to invest their time with. Their need to roam leads them to meet different types of people (and yes, that includes attractive women). He is not the most stable sign of the entire zodiac and can easily be led astray when he sees a prettier girl. If things are not official between you and him, you can almost guarantee that he is probably shopping around. This might lead him to be forgetful and even forget that he had a date with you. He is the type who is likely to either ghost or just not show up rather than flat out telling you that he is not interested anymore.

Good Boyfriend Capricorn: The Ambitious Goal-Setter

A Capricorn boyfriend is one of the most stand-up guys that you will ever come across in your life. He is sensible and knows how to get things done. Capricorns are career-oriented as masters at time management so you will find that he probably has a lot going on in his schedule. If your Capricorn boyfriend takes the relationship seriously, then there will always be room for you in his schedule. He loves his lady to be the perfect embodiment of the power couple that he envisions. You will find that he loves taking you to fancy events and black tie affairs. If your Capricorn boyfriend does this, then you are his lady and he will be monogamous until the end. Capricorn men are just as classy as they are loyal.

Bad Boyfriend Capricorn: The Cold, Shrewd Businessman

Though Capricorn men have feelings buried somewhere deep down in there, their pragmatic way of thinking will always trump any feelings that are getting in the way of his agenda. That can include the relationship that he is in. If you Capricorn boyfriend finds that being in a relationship with you is getting in the way of his goals, then he will ditch you so fast that your head will spin. Though they are known for being more loyal than not, if you are someone that causes problems in his life, he will find a way out. That may even involve leaving you for someone younger that he works with much later down the road if he marries you and realizes that you were not “the one”. No one will expose you to the harsh world better than a Capricorn boyfriend because he is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction.

Good Boyfriend Aquarius: The Best Friend Turned Boyfriend

You probably were friends with your Aquarian boyfriend before it ever blossomed into a relationship. The beauty of being with an Aquarian man is that you can speak your mind and never have to worry about censoring yourself. He is the best at listening to what you have to say and giving the best advice. This is because he is the master at looking at things objectively without any kind of personal bias. He is also likely to stick up for you if you are being picked on in any way because he tends to root for the underdog. Since isn’t the most emotional sign out of all the zodiac, he is willing to give you your space when you need it. If you hate the clingy, needy types then an Aquarius is for you.

Bad Boyfriend Aquarius: The Subtly Condescending Dictator

The problem with so many Aquarians is that they have a God complex. This is a state of mind in which the person believes themselves to be above the social norms of society and that they should be given special consideration. In other words, your Aquarian boyfriend has the tendency to believe that the rules apply to everyone else except for him. This gives him an air of feeling superior to those around him, including his own girlfriend. You might find that he speaks to you in a condescending manner as if he believes that he is far more intelligent than you are. Sometimes, an Aquarian will make you feel that you are unworthy of his time and must share him with the rest of the world. He won’t make you feel special because you are just like everybody else who is not him.

Good Boyfriend Pisces: The Warm-Hearted Romantic

When a Pisces man falls in love, he consistently believes that he has found the love of his life and treats his girlfriend as such. Get ready for some candlelit dinners, unexpected flowers for no reason and that kiss on the forehead underneath the moonlight. Your Pisces boyfriend will be warm and and love you with a full heart until there is no more love to give. As a mutable sign, his spontaneity will make him fly high and live out the romance to its absolute fullest. A Pisces man will stay devoted for as long as his emotions are running high and the strong excitement lasts for as long as it does. A relationship with this man will be one of the dreamiest, most magical ones that you will ever have.

Bad Boyfriend Pisces: The Flakey, Non-Reliable Drifter

Your Pisces boyfriend can be one of the shadiest characters that you have ever come across. The sign of Pisces is the most prone to lies, adultery, misconceptions and dishonest activities. As one of the most emotional signs in the entire zodiac, this makes him also one of the most impulsive. If he sees something he is drawn to, he just has to have it like moths attracted to florescent lights. A Pisces dude can have the most difficult time with telling the truth and coming clean, especially after he has done or said something that he clearly shouldn’t have. This can be annoying and aggravating if you have a Pisces boyfriend because he knows how to dodge all of your arguments and somehow make it seem like it is your fault.

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