Every Zodiac Sign’s Non-Negotiable Relationship Rule

For us, there is no truer saying than you have to kiss a few frogs before meeting your Prince Charming. Dating is complicated, so when you think of the person that you’d like to be with, you more than likely have all their qualities listed out in your head as well as your own relationship deal breakers. The question is, what could put a stop to your relationship?

Deal breakers are things that immediately put an end to any romantic connection and relationships. According to various surveys, bad hygiene and poor manners are amongst the most common relationship killers.

Your zodiac sign has a huge influence on what you find attractive and unattractive for that matter, so let’s take a look at your sign’s biggest deal breaker.

What is your sign’s relationship deal breaker?

Aries- Being addicted to social media-

Everyone agrees that technology has become an integral part of our lives and it’s true, we can’t escape it, but there are limits, right Aries? Dating someone who is constantly on their phone playing games, messaging or checking out social media really isn’t for you. You need someone much more attentive.

Taurus- Laziness-

Taurus people are naturally hard workers and love getting ahead in life. Putting in long days at work doesn’t scare them and they will do pretty much anything to get where they want to go. Lazy people who can barely clean their apartment just won’t float their boat, Taurus people ideally need someone equally as career focused and determined as them.

Gemini- Gym buffs-

Being in shape and taking care of ourselves is definitely vital but leading a balanced lifestyle is even more important. Gemini people, you need to be comfortable in your relationships and although you admire people’s commitment to working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you’d really just prefer to have your partner all to yourself and not share your other half with the bench-press.

Cancer- People who don’t like kids-

Cancer people are natural homebodies and love spending lots of quality time with their families. Having children and building a real family foundation is typically something that Cancers regard as very important. Children are often deal breakers in Cancer’s relationships because they just love how much joy and fun kids bring into their lives and wouldn’t like to bypass the privilege of raising a family.

Leo- Attention-getters-

Leo people are often a little jealous and when they are in relationships, they can’t stand other people getting up close and personal with their partners. Leos need to be the most important person in their partner’s life and hate others fawning over their other half. Your relationship will work just fine Leo; that is if your partner doesn’t have too many friends of the opposite sex!

Virgo- Party animals-

Everyone loves to party and dance like nobody is watching every once in a while, however our Virgo friends out there have a hard time accepting the need to let loose every weekend. Virgos looking for serious relationships, you need to steer clear of dedicated party animals because your partner’s partying ways will eventually leave you wanting to cut the music!

Libra- Boring people-

Libras are very sociable people and often have large groups of friends that they hang out with on a regular basis. Libras love being surrounded by people who are equally as out-going as themselves, Libras tend to gravitate to people who have a great thirst for life. Being with someone unsociable and unprepared to mingle with their friends is definitely their biggest deal breaker.

Scorpio- Liars-

Scorpios are mysterious characters, however in their romantic lives they crave honesty and openness. Scorpios hate people beating around the bush and like to be told things straight, there is no room for ambiguity when it comes to romance. For a Scorpio, being in a relationship with someone shady and full of excuses would be a total recipe for disaster, honesty is the way to their hearts.

Sagittarius- No ambition-

Sagittarians are very ambitious people and aspire to get to the top, especially when it comes to their careers. Working 12-hour days doesn’t bother them; they are prepared to do anything to get to where they want to be. Sagittarians take their work to heart and their careers can often spill over into their home lives. A Sagittarian with someone who lacks motivation isn’t a successful partnership.

Capricorn- Wasting money-

Capricorns are very pragmatic and sensible people, they exercise caution in everything they do, especially when it comes to their finances. Yes, they love indulging themselves and splashing out on something that has caught their eye every once in a while, but for the most part they are very good with budgeting. Excessive spending on a regular basis is a definite deal breaker for our Capricorn friends.

Aquarius- Animal haters-

Aquarians are very caring and affectionate characters, they love nothing more than cuddling up on the couch with their pets and watching a movie. Pets play a huge role in an Aquarian’s life and it’s fair to say that our Aquarian friends are happiest when surrounded by their little friends. Dating someone who doesn’t love pets as much as an Aquarian would put an immediate end to that relationship.

Pisces- Shallowness-

Pisceans are very natural people and tend to avoid superficiality, let’s just say that pouting and retouching their photos just isn’t for them. Pisceans just couldn’t deal with their partners spending longer in the bathroom than they do! A vain partner who spends hours beautifying themselves and not enough time with you Pisces, is just not for you.

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