16 Traits ALL Men Subconsciously Look For In Women

Sometimes when we like someone we can easily list-off the traits and attributes that attract us to them. But often times, when someone asks us “why him or why her” we are hit with a gut feeling that bubbles up from our stomach to our chest, and suddenly the English language frustratingly becomes too limited to describe why you feel a certain way. So, you end up shrugging your shoulders and blurting out “just because”. When this happens it’s a sign that your object of desire is behaving in a way that is tugging at your heart strings way below the threshold of conscious awareness.

When it comes to dudes, awakening what lies below the surface will always stir up a storm of chemistry and desire in his gut. This reaction will manifest consciously as a magnetic attraction that will feel completely out of his control. When a man feels like something stronger than him is controlling his behavior, he will often interpret this emotional reaction as true love.

So here are some of the 16 traits men subconsciously find attractive in a woman, how many do you have?

16. Piercing and sexy eyes to stare into all night

They say that eyes are the window to the soul. If you most guys what feature they find attractive in a woman, many will say the eyes. That’s because the eyes have this magical ability to convey feeling and emotion in an instant. We talk more with our eyes than with your mouth. You don’t even need to have the beautiful colored eyes to attract a guys attention, just make sure to swipe a little mascara or a complimentary liner to make the shape of your eyes pop. Trust me, men will notice right away. If your feeling fancy you can go all out and invest in some lash extensions because fluffy and feminine lashes are always a good investment.

15. Unique and special trait that makes you memorable

We are constantly flooded with images of perfect models, celebs, and pop-stars, this feeds us a very narrow idea of what “beautiful” should look like. As a result, we often develop some unhealthy obsessions about our specific physical traits. For example, you may believe your nose is too big, forehead too wide or lips too small. The truth is, these unique traits are the ones that make you stand out and become memorable to a guy. Subconsciously guys love to spot a girl with a unique feature that makes her stand out from everyone else. So relax and cut yourself some slack. Your features are a part of who you are and if a guy is into you he will be in love with every part of you.

14. A style that makes you stand out from the crowd

This has everything to do with how you present yourself, not only with your clothes, but your hairstyle, accessories, and makeup. Men are subconsciously drawn to women who have a unique style and edge. Whether is classy and sophisticated, basic and practical or sporty and oversized, a guy always unconsciously evaluates the packaging when he meets you. But, I will admit, it’s hard to be original these days, so take your time finding a style that works for you. My rule of thumb is to always use your gut when shopping. Does something not feel quite right when you put it on, almost like your wearing a costume? Then don’t buy it. Carving out your own unique style takes time. But once you will notice more heads turning you know you’re getting close.

13. Natural and effortlessly glowing skin and smile

This is my way of saying tone down the make-up. Save the heavy contouring for big events where pictures will be taken like at weddings. Men are unconsciously attracted to a bright complexion and flirty smile. All you need to achieve that is a little face oil and illuminator, a swipe of mascara and some tinted lip balm. Heavy makeup signals to men that you are trying to hide something under all that cakey foundation. It’s similar to when a guy has a heavy beard, you know that there are secrets hiding in that face bush of his. Also, if and when you start dating you will have to take off that makeup at some point, so why not show the “real” you from the start. I know he will appreciate it.

12. A woman who doesn’t put up with less than she deserves

We all deserve to be treated like the princesses and queens that we are. Guys are attracted to girls who know this and behave like they do, as well. There is nothing hotter than a girl who knows what she wants out of life and will not settle for less. Your standards for yourself are high, and your not afraid to step forward to a guy and ask for it. As women, we are taught to be soft spoken and to go along with whatever comes our way, but what really unconsciously catches a guys attention is a woman who breaks free of that stereotype and knows how to grab life by the horns, take charge, and just be an all around bada**. Do that and he’ll be a puddle in your hands.

11. A curvy and soft body to cuddle and spend the night with

The glamorized versions of life such as magazine, TV, and movies – not to mention social media – make us believe that guys are only after the rail-thin girls of this world. That the only way to actually catch a guys attention is to be a size 4 or less. But the real truth is that guys much prefer a soft and curvy body, it’s just science. Don’t misinterpret my words though, leading a healthy lifestyle is important. Feeding yourself healthy and wholesome food and exercising regularly is a vital part of a well-rounded lifestyle, which not only benefits your physical body but your mind and spirit as well. My point is to stop focusing so much as exercise and diet as a means to achieve some ideal body, because – in the end, guys love a healthy real girl with a little something to grab onto.

10. Ambition and high standards for how you live your life

Ambition is not traditionally known as a “feminine” trait. Rewind just 50 years back in time and calling a woman ambitious was actually considered an insult to her femininity. It would be the equivalent of calling a guy nurturing back then. But today, a lot has changed, and not only is this a very desirable trait for anyone in the job market but also the dating market. Being ambition doesn’t mean you’re aggressive or ultra-competitive, it just means that you have strong interests and passions that drive and motivate you to get out of bed every day. In other words, you know what makes you happy and you invest your time accordingly. Guys are seriously turned on by a woman who knows what she wants out of life.

9. A sharp sense of humor to make him laugh

Nothing makes a guy crush hard on a girl like a sharp sense of humor. You have your own brand of funny that he over time associates to you and him. So that when he hears a joke or says something funny, he can’t help but think of how it would make you smile too. Traditionally the in your face funny girl wasn’t considered the most feminine by the conventional standard. But today’s modern guy is definitely attracted to a girl who has tough skin and knows how to give a joke and take it back. Looks and superficial appearances will always fade with time, but a sense of humor is forever. If he knows that you guys will be laughing your way to your wrinkly days, then he is more likely to catch his eye and be persuaded to make a long-term commitment to you.

8. A carefree and easy going attitude to stand by him

Bottom line, guys like a girl that doesn’t take herself too seriously, especially when he is looking for something more serious and long-term. You have a bubbly and positive presence wherever you go. When we consider being with someone for a long time we want to make sure they can be that positive and optimistic person to lean on. Life can get tough sometimes, but when you have a side-kick who knows how to easily give you perspective and lift some of that pressure off your shoulders, that person becomes instantly invaluable. Because life is best when you’re surrounded by people who can let loose, get silly and know have a little fun. Guys want a partner-in-crime that helps them focus on the silver lining.

7. A rebellious spirit to go on fun adventures with

Guys love a girl who knows how to drop everything and be spontaneous. Guys are subconsciously attracted to someone who will push and new feelings and sensations. That means going on last-minute adventures across the city or even across the world. What comfort zone? You thrive outside the bubble, and he loves it. You’re an open-minded and free-spirit, the thought of going to an outdoor festival, trying some new exotic food or going to a party filled with unfamiliar faces excites you. We all need a partner in crime to hold our hand and venture outside the comfort bubble with. Dudes go for the girl who knows how to push him and push herself to try new things. Getting a guy out of his comfort zone successfully is a fast track to his heart.

6. A down to earth vibe he can introduce to the fam

A down to earth vibes means a combination of a little bit of all the above. You’re open, flexible and have a “je ne sais quoi” charm about your presence. People love being around you because you exude an easy-going approachable charm that he can bring around to any family gathering or friend event. Guys are secretly subconsciously to girls like this because he doesn’t need to stress out around you. You instantly bring a sense of calm and sunshine into his life and others. That feeling is priceless, because again, sometimes life is tough, so we need some grounded people by our side to be able to smooth things out when the going gets tough. Many girls think guys like the wild one, the one with all the makeup and fancy clothes, but that’s not necessarily the case. Guys love a girl who can chill in sweats and someone who can laugh and have a fun easy going day.

5. A killer walk that makes other guys stare

In other words, you have a presence that just fills up a room. Whether your walk is full of hip swaying and fierce confidence or a little clumsy and adorably awkward, you have a signature way of moving that he can spot a mile away. Mannerism says a lot about someone, and you know that you’re starting to really like a person when you begin to adopt their way of moving and talking while they are not around. Guys subconsciously love when this happens because it means that they are into you. But for this to actually happen, you have to have a distinct presence, to begin with. So work on your unique brand of swag, because he will definitely pick up on it.

4. Full and natural hair to play with

When you look at sexy underwear models in catalogs or in campaigns do they ever have ultra-sleek limp hair? Nope. Put away that flat-iron, girl. Men subconsciously love full, thick and voluminous natural hair. Whether you have tight curls, loose ringlets, or kinky waves, all you have to do is find a cut that works with the natural body and thickness of your strands and some styling product to help the define your unique texture. If you’re a girl who has naturally straight hair, well – you can embrace that too! What makes you attractive is accepting and rocking what you’re born with. That what will always make you shine. Many people think men love it when your hairs all done up and when you put hours of effort into it. But nothing is sexier to a man than a woman with natural hair, they go crazy for it.

3. Girls who can rock tough and feminine at the same time

The modern man is unconsciously attracted to a woman who can carefully balance a masculine vibe with a feminine sensibility. It’s a difficult balancing act, but when it’s executed right, you will have both men and women crushing on you. They key is to pick only one or two pieces that are very masculine for your outfit. For example, boyfriend cut jeans with sneakers, but pair it with a cute ruffled cropped top. This balancing act not only applies to how you dress but behavior as well. There is something so very sexy about a woman who can fully own traditionally “masculine” traits like ambition or assertiveness, and of course, put her own feminine twist on it. He will be subtly drawn to the fact that you don’t care about what anyone else thinks of you because that takes guts.

2. A sweet and warm voice that makes him melt

Acting assertive or ambitious doesn’t mean shouting or speaking loudly and cutting people off. You can possess these traits but still be able to communicate in a warm and firm voice. Because guys are unconsciously attracted to women who have a wispy and warm voice. You can control your tone and know exactly how to talk to sooth his stress and calm him down. As you may have experienced yourself, we can be attracted to people solely on how their voice sounds, so learn to control yours to get guys to notice you more. The ultimate goal is when he reads your texts you want him to be able to hear your silky voice in his head so that he will be dreaming of you fast.

1. Feminine manicured feet and hands to message

Because, for real, who in hell enjoys grimy, dirty or calloused feet. Men are secretly attracted to women who know how to take care of the details. No man can resist peeking at beautifully polished nails and feet. It seems like most women know this because if you walk into any nail salon on a Friday evening you will notice it’s swamped with clients. It’s also known that men are secretly attracted to women with small feet. We can’t all have dainty small feet, but we can all make the time to take care of what we were born with. Nicely polished feet and toes say to the world that you know how to take care of yourself and have high standards. So, if you’re already doing this, keep it up. If you don’t, consider booking yourself an appointment ASAP.

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