15 Signs He’s A Keeper

It’s harder these days to find the perfect match. People can be so picky about who they want to pursue a relationship with and yet, they wonder why they stay single. But there are certain qualities that you can’t go wrong with, meaning, despite your other preferences, you should give them a chance if they possess these qualities.

Sometimes you don’t know what you have right in front of you. But we can all agree that when it comes to guys, they’re a little harder to distinguish from other guys. That’s because they generally tend to carry the same qualities. Plus, girls can be blind to tell if a guy wants her or not. It’s usually because they’re overanalyzing the situation too much and jump to conclusion when the answer is simple. So at the end of the day, girls just need to relax and stop thinking so much about the situation and see what’s in front of them. So how do you know which guy is a keeper?

We gathered the go-to signs that tell you he’s someone worth dating and giving a chance. A lot of these traits can be really hard to find in a guy so when you come across one who carries them, he’s a keeper in our book. Think of it as a rare occasion you must take advantage of.

The following will sure help you out find out if he’s a keeper or not. So check out the following 15 signs that show he’s a keeper.

15. He Remembers the Little Things

People tend to make birthdays and other big events a big deal. But in reality, it’s the little things that truly matter. When he remembers why you like that book author, why you prefer that clothing brand, why you like that movie, etc., he’s definitely a keeper because he remembers more than the trivial things. He cares about having in-depth conversations with you, not just small talk. It’s always nice to be caught off guard when he remembers something and brings it up. This tells you he is listening and puts you into consideration a lot. Having someone who doesn’t just think about themselves and their interests is a huge win nowadays. So for him to remember your interests means he’s really into you and wants to pursue something with you. This is a keeper in our books. Next time you meet someone who remembers the little things, know he’s really into you.

14. He Cooks You Food

In the beginning stages, if he makes you breakfast, lunch or dinner, then that just means he really likes you and wants to get to know you more. It’s just a nice gesture that shows you he wants you to stay and he enjoys doing things for you. It’s different when the two of you go out to eat and he pays. Anyone can just go out and eat and if he pays, great, but he’s probably just doing it because it’s the right thing to do. But when he takes the time to cook for you (unless cooking is a favorite hobby of his) then that’s a big sign he wants you. It doesn’t even have to be something extravagant. A nice egg sandwich for breakfast or pasta for dinner will do the job. Like said before, this usually occurs in the beginning so cooking might not be his thing so don’t take it personally when he stops making you breakfast.

13. Calling You Instead of Texting You

Let’s face it, girls are more glued to their phones than guys are. So when it comes to texting, it means a lot to girls than it means to guys. Guys are more old-school and prefer to talk to you on the phone than message you. But when he ends up calling you way more than texting, it means he really likes you. He can’t get enough of you so obviously he’s going to call you. If you start wondering why he barely texts you or responds to your texts, consider if he calls you often. If he does, then you have nothing to worry about. He just rather hear your voice than read words because it’s more personal. If you got a guy calling you, then know that means a lot and you can’t miss this sign. It’s a pretty obvious one.

12. He Can Watch Netflix with You All Day

Sure it’s nice to go out and do fun activities with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But sometimes, you just want to relax next to them and that’s not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean your relationship lacks creativity or life. If he’s usually preferring to watch movies with you and stay in, don’t take it as you’re boring to him or he doesn’t want to do anything with you. It probably means he’s comfortable with you and doesn’t feel the need to do “out there” things to keep things lively. Just being around you is enough. This is just one of those subtle hints that mean he really wants you and no one else. Guys are simple so when they feel like they can be simple with a girl, that’s a score in their book. Next time you feel you’re “boring” to him because you guys Netflix too much, remember he’s feeling good inside so there’s nothing to worry about.

11. He Does Things You Like Even If He Doesn’t Enjoy It

When you know he’s not into something you’re into, but he does it anyway with a good attitude, that’s a sign he totally wants you. There’s no way you can make a guy do something he doesn’t want to do so when he does it all on his own, it feels really good. He just wants to make you happy or he wants to get to know you more. He likes you so some of your hobbies are probably interesting to him which explains why he’s open to doing them, too, even though, it’s not something he would do on his own. Sometimes it’s just because he wants to spend time with you. Whatever will get him to be next to you, he’s up for it because he wants you. At the end of the day, it’s nice of him to show some interest in what you like while putting away his own interests to the side for the meantime.

10. He Invites You Almost Everywhere

If you notice he is always inviting you wherever he is going such as with friends for a night out, a family gathering, one on one to the gym, etc., he wants you. He likes your company, he enjoys being around you, you’re not annoying to hang out with and these are all good things. Inviting you everywhere doesn’t mean he’s just clingy, especially if you’re just starting to get to know each other. This just means he really wants to get to know you and so, how does he do that? Hang out with you as much as possible. Plus, he wants to see how you are and how it feels to be with you in different environments. It’s nice to know he wants you to be around him all the time. That means you’re doing something right. You don’t have to accept every invitation, though. But when you’re okay with going, go for it!

9. He Talks A lot About His Life With You

If he is open talking about his life with you, then for sure he wants you because it’s another sign that he is comfortable with you. He can talk all day with you about his job, family, friends, life events, etc. Not only because he is comfortable with you, but because he feels like you’re a good person to talk to and that’s why he wants you. Who wouldn’t want someone by their side who is easy to talk to? Plus, it’s nice to know that he enjoys doing other things with you than just flirt and be intimate. He sees you as not an intimate partner but also a friend which can be a good thing in the long run. He’s just trying to let you know you’re more than just a hook-up and wants to keep you around because you’re a positive influence in his life.

8. He’s Affectionate

This might sound like a no-brainer but it’s true. When he can’t keep his hands off your thighs, or his arms around you, he’s letting you know he wants you. Yes we know guys are affectionate creatures no matter what but there’s a difference between a guy being sensual and a guy who is just being affectionate with you. Sometimes they like to pull a string of your hair off your face because not only do they want to do you a favor but because it feels good to get close to you like that. So don’t take every affectionate move as “he just wants to hook up with me.” Believe it or not, some guys don’t just want to get intimate and have actual feelings. You don’t have to give him affection back if you don’t feel like it but at least recognize the sign as he is really feeling you.

7. He Likes Giving You Advice

Whether it’s what you should wear to your friend’s birthday party or what you should do to resolve the issue in your job, he likes helping you out. Even if it’s a small piece of advice, it counts. He also just wants to make sure you know he cares and he’s just not hanging out with you for hook-up purposes. If he does give advice often, though, then he’s probably a keeper as a boyfriend or a friend. He’s already helped build that foundation of friendship that is so important in a relationship so why not keep him as a good friend. Perhaps being with him in an intimate way is not the way to go now but somewhere down the line, you two could be a perfect match. So the next time you encounter a guy giving you advice, small or big, it probably means he’s into you or at least cares for you which isn’t a bad thing to have around.

6. He Changes Plans For You

If you want to hang out but he has plans already, he will try to make it work. It doesn’t matter how busy he is, he’ll try to squeeze you in his day or even replace his plans with you. He just likes your company, he feels the best when he’s with you and simply has a good time when he’s around you. He’s also not afraid to let you know you’re at the top of his list. This isn’t being clingy or obsessed. He’s just being real and direct with you as opposed to beating around the bush like most people do these days. It’s a sign for sure that he’s a keeper if he prioritizes you. We know how much it means to a girl to feel wanted and appreciated. But don’t take his availability for granted or else things could turn ugly real quick.

5. He Brings Out The Best In You

When you feel like you can be yourself and he just goes with it without making judgy eyes, he is a total keeper. He’s into you even at your worst moments such as when you’re sick, you kind of embarrassed yourself or your flaws come out. It’s a big sign when he accepts you for you and it almost feels too good to be true. But he’s a total keeper if he doesn’t make you feel bad for being you. He also tends to bring out the best in you and that’s because you feel good about yourself when you’re around him so it just causes you to be your best self. Can you say #winning? If he is bringing out this side of you that you like, why wouldn’t you keep him? Life is too short to live miserably in your own skin so take advantage when you come across someone who makes you feel good.

4. He Tells His Mom About You

If he tells his mom about you, then that definitely means something. No guy just tells his mom about a girl he is seeing and not think there’s something meaningful between the two of you. Of course, this could be a little overwhelming and that’s when women start overanalyzing, thinking he wants to settle down already and marry her the following year. We’re almost 100% sure, that is not the case. He just really likes you and wanted to share it with is mother. You’re more than just a fling because he wouldn’t tell his mom he is just hooking up with someone. So when a guy tells you he told his mom about you, you can for sure believe he wants you. Don’t overlook it or overthink. Just accept that he takes you more seriously than a friend with benefits. Sometimes girls don’t believe they deserve a good thing so they think he tells his mom about every girl but that’s so far from the truth.

3. You Can’t Stop Talking About Him

It’s already a clear sign that if he tells his parents or friends about you then he’s so into you. But if you happen to start talking about him with your friends and family, then this means a lot. The fact that you couldn’t keep it to yourself anymore means he’s more than just a fling or someone you’re talking to for entertainment purposes. His kindness, values, and the way he treats you all make a good reason for you to bring him up to your loved ones. Of course everyone wants you to be with a good guy so you think he’s the perfect guy to introduce to them. This is obviously a big step that many nowadays take for granted. By talking about him, it means he’s a part of your life now and that shouldn’t be something easy to accomplish for a guy.

2. He Expresses Himself

I mean could there be a more obvious sign he’s into you? We all know guys have a harder time to express themselves than girls do. So if he’s being open about his feelings to you, he is such a keeper. If he’s going out of his way just to send sweet messages and talk to you about the way you make him feel, then it seriously means something. You can’t take his openness for granted because like said before, guys don’t do that often. Believe it or not, guys are actually more sensitive than guys so if they get rejected for expressing themselves, they will shut down for a very long time and it will take a miracle to get them to open up again. We know how hard it is to get a guy to open up so don’t make the mistake of rejecting a guy who likes to share his feelings and thoughts with you.

1. He Communicates

When he lets you know what he’s up to or the plans he has with you later in the week, there’s no doubt he’s into you. It’s common to have the girl always check up on her boyfriend because he lacks communication. Guys don’t prioritize communication like girls do such as texting, calling, messaging, and yes verbally. It’s nice to have him give you the update on his life without you initiating the conversation. It totally means he is into you if he likes to let you know what is going on or if he asks you what is going on in your life.m Communication is key to being successful and it has to come from both parties. Plus, nothing makes a girl’s day than to be contacted by her man because it shows he’s attentive and considerate of her. Communication is probably the biggest turn on for a girl so for a guy to do it makes him a keeper.

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